How to Earning Online Cartoon NFTs and Sale on Fiver


How to Earning Online Cartoon NTFs and Sale on Fiver
In this article, we will tell you how to create Cartoon NFTs and you can sale on Fiver. How to Create NFT Cartoons and sell on Fiver. NFTs are used in crypto currency and only a limited number of people are providing NFT Cartoon Services on the internet. Follow the procedure in detail.
How to Create NFT Cartoons?
You can easily create cartoons by using the Toony Tool Website. Visit the website from the given link and create cartoons for NFT.

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Click on Get Started and you will see the screen to create free NFT Cartoons.
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Select people from the menu, you can also select animations, objects, or you can upload your own images for cartoons. It’s just a drag and drop procedure. You can add text different animations change the text size and style. Toony Tools provide these services for free, no sign-up needed, no cards, it’s completely free.

How to Earning Online / How to Sell on Fiver?
You just need to create beautiful cartoons to sell your services on to fiver and create your profile and select your gig. You can search on the internet / Youtube about creating Fiver Gig and Fiver Profile. It’s a very simple procedure. We are just providing startup information about online earnings in Pakistan. You have to work according to your needs.
Below are the Links for Learning:
ToonyTools Website:
How to create Fiver Profile:

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